Why you should become a Hungarian Language Teacher

Hungary is a highly tourist-friendly country, and as many other nations that receive a lot of foreigners, inhabitants usually care about teaching the place’s culture, language, costumes, history as well as showing the best things their motherland has to offer. This is definitely not different for Hungary, one of the most common travelling targets in Europe.

Many people go to Hungary, especially to Budapest, to see its magnificent architectures and historic castles. Budapest is known for being a place where many movie directors shot scenes using these structures in their own movie.

Hungarian landscape

If you are Hungarian, you might have noticed that teaching your mother language is something that a lot of people decided to do all of a sudden. We will be explaining why you should consider being a Hungarian language teacher as well.

How to become a Hungarian teacher

First of all, if you like foreigners, meeting new people and earning a couple of bucks helping introduce them to your country, you’ll love working as a Hungarian language teacher, even if you choose it to be a secondary job or your primary job.

With globalisation, the need for people that can teach their native language is always high in demand. That is particularly the case for countries with not that big of a population, where the competition isn’t that high either.

When deciding to become a Hungarian language teacher ( https://www.learninghungarian.hu/hungarian-teacher/ ), you’ll not only teach your native culture to strangers but will also learn a lot of many other cultures just by hearing their stories and incentivizing them to try to speak their first Hungarian words.

Becoming a Hungarian teacher is not easy

If you want to begin, you’ll have to take this into account: Being a language teacher is not only knowing the language but knowing how to teach it as well.

You’ll probably teach English speakers, so you need to master English as well as you should know your mother language. When being a Hungarian language teacher, you can’t have a bad accent either. If you do, they won’t understand your English and much less your Hungarian. Train your communication in both languages before you search for your first clients.

Find the right Hungarian teacher


The next thing you have to take into account is “teaching methods.” How to begin? What are the basics of your language? How does your language function? Will you be teaching grammar? All of these questions you have to figure out by searching on the internet or around the community for answers. A Hungarian language teacher has to start from the beginning, so you should know how to introduce the first letters of the alphabet, for example.

Be prepared

Always prepare your class. Don’t just think you know how to teach, even if you have already taught. Teaching is an ongoing practice, and you might deal with students that are entirely different from each other. Always come with board games, cards or figures that will help you deal with the various people of different ages on your first few classes.

Ask a Hungarian teacher for help

Rarely do we succeed when travelling as lone wolves. Requesting help in the field you are trying to work on isn’t unethical nor a sign of weakness. Just because both of you are Hungarian language teacher does not mean you can’t be partners.

Making friends is a good way to start on the right foot.

Teaching Hungarian

When beginning to teach, you will notice that the Hungarian language teacher face a lot of issues because this language has a lot of differences from the English that your students are used to speak and write. Even if you knew all of those differences existed, you probably don’t feel them in your skin as much as they do. Be patient and ask them to train and repeat and train again at home.

As a Hungarian language teacher, it is very gratifying to see your students evolve. As days keep passing, you will notice common mistakes your students make. There is nothing better than this: After a couple of lessons of you reminding them to remember a particular thing when they speak, in the next exercise they nail that pronunciation, and you realise that you two are making significant progress together.

Meeting new people all the time

When you decide to be a Hungarian language teacher, you will have to be open minded. Not everyone that travels to Hungary is the same, not all of them come from the United States, and sometimes you will learn things you were not prepared to. Be always willing to know new people and receive them with an open smile. This is a great initiative any teacher has to have.

You are always learning

Last but not least. By teaching, you will learn as well with the others.

There are stories and stories about many types of communities that you will hear from your students. If you love your country’s culture as much as most Hungarians do, you probably will enjoy learning what kind of foundation the other communities have.

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